Phortos Consultants provides a wide range of services in the valorization domain.

The core of our service offering is the Vision Transformation portfolio where we develop scientific visions towards high potential opportunities. As part of this process we regularly organise 'unconferences' that are specifically aimed at collaboratively developing visions. Our basic approach to unconferences is outlined here.

Where these opportunities show signs of successful adoption, we provide Valorisation Services to develop these to fully fledged propositions. Once these propositions are sufficiently articulated and developed our Venture Development services enable a transition to a start-up organisation, if required. This can take the form of a private venture or a public private partnership.

A key focus area where we apply our activities is in the area of the big data challenge in 'eScience' and 'eData Stewardship and Integration'. The underlying vision is probably best explained in the oration by Prof. B. Mons.

In this area we have been involved in a number of related activities such as :

1 - The establishment of the Dutch Techcenter for Lifesciences,
2 - The organisation of various conferences such as the:

Elixir March 2103 conference,

DTL Next Generation Life Sciences workshop

Fairport 2014 Lorentz Conference

3 - A 'big data' path finder project with the Netherlands eScience Center

4 - The founding of the Euretos knowledge discovery venture.