Euretos is a start-up application service provider that has been founded as a result of the opportunity brokering activities within the Phortos Group.

Euretos will provide access to an unprecedented scope of public scientific data such as open source publications (e.g. PLOS) closed access publication abstracts (e.g. all major publishers, Pubmed) and relevant data sources for life science research (e.g. CheMBL, Uniprot). In addition it will provide researchers the ability to publish their research data (e.g. tables, databases and datasets) as well. These will all be ‘published’ as Nanopublications making all these different types of data interoperable, a completely novel approach for publishing scientific information. All this information will be available in an interactive knowledge discovery environment. As part of the Euretos proposition a life sciences community annotation and knowledge discovery app is being developed. As such Euretos is  the first ever Nanopublisher; a groundbreaking development.


Euretos provides services to the following types of customers:

Scientists – both publically and privately employed scientists need access to a the most comprehensive set of scientific data, to support their research activities. Scientists need to verify assumptions, validate hypotheses, and generate new hypotheses. They also need to investigate whether new ideas are indeed novel findings and therefore publishable as original scientific research or patentable for commercial use.

Public data owners – public institutions want or are obliged to make their findings public to enhance further scientific investigation. More relevant publications lead to higher levels of citation, generates esteem and enables financing of new research. The Euretos knowledge discovery environment enables publications and research data to be found and cited more easily.

Private data owners – private companies want to make their internal research data available across their organization and enable interworking with public data sources to leverage their investments in their knowledge base. This provides them unique leverage to enhance their competitive position.

Traditional publishers – publishers are increasingly looking for ways to handle the 'big data' issue for their readers. Also there is increasing pressure to make more content open access. Nanopublications enable closed access publishers to share the assertions in their articles in open access form without having to publish the original article within an interactive knowledge discovery environment; addressing both the 'big data' and open access requirements. Euretos will enable a click through model where scientists can directly access the article (based on the existing publishers model).