Training the next generation of enablers of the Internet of FAIR Data & Services

Training for FAIR Data Program Managers, Data Stewards, Operators and Engineers

FAIR Training

A key element of the transition to pervasive FAIR data is training up a new generation of data specialists that enable and support researchers. Phortos Consultants has developed curriculums for the following key positions in this FAIR Data ecosystem:

  • FAIR Readiness Program Manager - oversees the end-to-end readiness program that is executed when organisations decide to implement a FAIR Data approach.
  • FAIR Data Steward - Oversees the data life cycle in general and those of specific projects once a FAIR data approach is operational.
  • FAIR Data & Services Operator - Operationally manages and executes FAIR data tooling.
  • The FAIR Data & Services Engineer - Develops tooling & apps.

For each of these roles the following types of training are available. More information, including dates and booking details, are available by clicking on the course title.

Course Description Duration Program Manager Data Steward Service Operator Service Engineer
1 - FAIR Awareness 1 day
2 - FAIR Data Stewardship & Management 5 days
3 - FAIR Ontology & Data Modeling 5 days Optional Optional
4 - FAIRification Processes & Tools 5 days

The 5 days courses include the 1-day Fair Awareness course

The courses are given by leading experts in the area of FAIR data, ontological & semantic technologies, data stewardship and their practical application in enabling data driven research. More background can be found here