Empowering organisations to leverage the Internet of FAIR Data & Services

FAIR data integration and organisational readiness

FAIR Consulting

Our main focus in this domain has been on strategic consulting for organisational FAIR Readiness in all its aspects.

FAIR Data Integration

PC has been instrumental in the process of developing the FAIR principles through moderating the first FAIR UNConference at the Lorentz center in 2014. Since then Phortos Consultants was intricately involved in the birth of GO FAIR as a kick start implementation process for the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

Organisational FAIR Readiness

We offer a fully fledged FAIR Readiness program for institutions and corporations intending to join the GO FAIR ecosystem. This program involves training of internal teams and organizational adoption of the FAIR principles as well as enabling services such as FAIRification of data and a unique use case driven FAIR Value demonstration program.